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Brief for Consumers

Don't get ripped off on your next contract

Understand what you're signing, fast. Brief allows you to see and keep track of what you're signing up for, fast.

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Upload and summarize contract details

Trust what you are signing. Upload your documents and within seconds, you will receive a detailed summary that breaks down the costs, fees, and policies associated with your contract.

Find highlights & analyze document details

We’ll help you identify potential highlights that may go unnoticed in your contracts. These may show up as rate traps, hidden fees, ambiguous clauses, incompatible preferences and many more!

Store documents securely

Keep track of everything you've signed before and after negotiating. Follow along with any changes and keep all your documents in one place.

Why Use Brief?

Reduced Legal Costs

Contact your Lawyer for Things that Matter. Negotiate with knowledge.

Save Time

Easily understand your contracts fast and build relationships faster.

Focus on What Matters

Like running your business, not signing paperwork.

Don't Get Ripped Off.

See whats normal or weird about your contract based on what others have signed before.

Save Paperwork.

Keep Track of what you've signed and agreed to over the years.

Educate Yourself.

Know your rights, your obligations and understand what is fair.

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"I saved $7k in legal fees by not having my lawyer redline an entire contract."

Brief B2B Customer

"This reminds me of a Friend thats a Lawyer, not a Lawyer."

Brief B2B Customer


Are you chatGPT? Can't I just cut and paste this into ChatGPT?

No, we use a combination of attorney reviews, customer feedback and experience from looking at hundreds of contracts to design a Brief. Cutting and pasting from ChatGPT only works if you know exactly what questions you want to ask (and are sure it won't hallucinate)?

How can I be sure the Brief is accurate?

A Brief only references what is already in the document and we tell you exactly where to find the information we called out- we don't add any legal text. Our goal is to help you ask the right questions to the attorney if you have to lower your cost and you should definitely request legal support if you have concerns.

When can I sign up as a consumer?

Soon! We plan on opening this up to consumer in the future but do not have a timeline yet.

Can I sign up today? When will you return a Brief?

When we launch, you'll be able to get a brief in seconds! However, today, we're only working with a select group of customers and adding customers to the waitlist. Our lead times are longer right now because of how committed we are in getting it right for the customers we work with.

What kinds of contracts do you work with?

We currently work with all contracts a small business would sign. We have some key contract types that we see a lot more of but we invite any type of contracts you have a question about as a small business.

Request a Demo

We're currently prioritizing founders & small businesses and would love to work with you on your business needs! Join the waitlist and we'll contact you to receive access.

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